The Issue: Our Weifield team at the Arapahoe County Alternative COVID Facility project needed a landing with stairs for a new generator that they set.

The Solution: After getting a quote from the vendor that proposed to supply the generator for $11,750,  Weifield Construction Manager, Nick Bull, asked if Weifield’s Prefab team could come up with an option that would suit the client’s needs and they agreed. We were given this drawing (below) to start with — at which point we decided to create our own drawing, which was done by the Weifield VDC team. Prefab’s estimate to the client for this same project came to just under $5,000 — which equated to a savings of $6,750, or 43% — making this project a ‘no-brainer’ for the client.



Completed project at the shop


Landing with stairs installed


Only after the pictures were taken were we aware of how tight the space was — making our QC operations that much more important. There was great communication between Prefab, VDC, and the project teams —  which ultimately led to the success of this project and happy client.

Kudos to our Prefab and VDC teams in arriving at this value-add solution for the client!!

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