As National Services Group Vice President, Christopher is responsible for Service sales, strategy, operations, growth, and development covering all Service activities nationally. Christopher is a veteran in the services industry, whose career spans 20 plus years on a global scale with a variety of executive leadership roles in engineering, business development, product design and sustainment across aerospace, defense, renewables, manufacturing, and product development, while adjunct lecturing with multiple local colleges and universities. He has a direct focus ongoing operational support, solution design, solution implementations, and sharing of best practices, while coordinating with the internal and external stakeholders to provide customers with better service through process mapping/improvements, documentation, automation, improving communications, and collaborative behaviors. Christopher is fully engaged in Weifield’s Service growth, promotion of Weifield, focusing on business and product development, strategic operations, workplace dynamics, and project execution. His involvement in technical advisement boards and consultancies throughout his career has provided him with valuable insight into organizational challenges, allowing him to offer guidance as a strategic partner and mentor. He is passionate about developing the next leaders, being a creator in mechatronics training and technology instruction development.

    Christopher came to Weifield Group with an engineering and executive business background in 2023. His most recent roles include Vice President of Global Services for RAD Source Technologies and Vice President of Service Americas with Eisenmann. Christopher has a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering & project management, MBA, master’s in network and software engineering and a Doctorate in International Business. Chris is dedicated to veterans and an active participant with Wounded Warriors, American Legion and AMVETS regional and national chapters.

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